I’ve known Angie since I was in kindergarten, but I got to know her much better these past two years, when she volunteered to teach our class cooking. When Angie comes into our class to take a few students for cooking, we all hope it's our turn. Angie lets us solve our own disputes, sometimes helping us by offering another task to do. When someone is doing something wrong, she patiently corrects them. She jokes around with us and makes us laugh. Once we’re done, we clean up after ourselves. Angie is patient, funny, and kind. When Angie is in charge, we all do our fair share of the work! I think Angie would be a fantastic school board member. Please give her your vote!

Della Scudder, 7th grade AAPS student and Activist

I am excited to support Angie Smith's candidacy for the AAPS BOE given her experiences as a teacher and community advocate. She sees the need for system changes and finds a way to be a part of the solution, from the PTO leadership to helping to end gerrymandering in our state. I look forward to being represented by someone who knows our children's school experiences first-hand, across economic spectrums, and who will actively work towards equity.

Linh Song, Ann Arbor District Library Board President, City Council presumptive electee

I am voting for Angie because she is a powerful force for good as an involved parent in our schools.  I know that she will bring that same passion for inspiring kids to our school board.

Jeff Irwin, State Senator

Angie Smith listens. She is interested in what people have to say. She genuinely cares about the students in our district and the people who work with them (not just teachers, but support staff, secretaries, bus drivers, etc.).

Ko Shih, AAPS Teacher and Voter


Angie and I crossed paths years ago as parent participants on an AAPS advisory committee/task force. She was impressive in that forum, speaking out and raising concerns that needed to be heard. Angie is someone who speaks truth to power while collaborating with others to get things done. She will be great on the school board!

Elizabeth Nelson, Ann Arbor City Council Member and Preschool Teacher

Angie Smith is deeply invested in our community, trustworthy, thoughtful about the needs of our education system and she is connected to a network of neighbors, colleagues and resources that will be helpful in assessing needs and enacting changes.

Erika Martin, Community Member and AAPS Parent

Angie Smith's wisdom and experience will be vital to help the School Board move forward especially in these challenging times. Angie has fresh ideas and can think outside the box. We need that!

Diane Compton, AAPS Employee and Voter

Angie Smith's warm and engaging personality will help to make concerned parents feel heard. Her expertise in education and education issues bring security to the decision making. Her fortitude in tackling important issues will give her the stamina we need in leaders.

Katie Chappell-Lakin, Preschool Teacher and Parent


Angie Smith has a lot of experience in leadership, and importantly in leadership and community service involving educational programs. Angie has worked with learners from diverse backgrounds and with unique challenges (brain injury, incarcerated population, community college students) and may have insight into educational programs that will work for students who experience disadvantage for a variety of reasons.


--Jackie Goodrich, AAPS Community Member & Parent

In the years I've known Angie Smith, I've seen her take on the work of solving problems for the school community with an eye toward equity and opening constructive discussion between parties that might not otherwise communicate their needs to each other constructively.


--Deb Hobson, AAPS Former Staff, Current Volunteer

I’ve known Angie since we both served on the board at Triangle Preschool. She is a wonderful person and active community member who understands the true meaning of being a public servant. She will work her butt off for the AAPS community. I have full confidence in her intelligence, thoughtfulness, strength to speak truth to power, and her ability to listen and collaborate.


-- Jenny Silva, Informed Parent and Voter

 I share Angie Smith's conviction that issues of education remain the most crucial for the good of the community and the health of the nation.
The voices of teachers are too often ignored, the voices of parents are too often unheard, the voices of students are too often uninvited, the voice of reason is too often disregarded.
 I hope Angie's will be a voice for reason and reform. I am sure it will be.

-- Joe Bedard, Teacher

I worked with Angie as the manager of our non-profit community pool for 7 years. I can attest to her unending ability to listen and be reflective and truly put forth a plan that works best for all involved. I am also a former AAPS parent and know that she brings compassion and integrity to this position. I only wish my grown children were still at AAPS so that they could benefit from her leadership in policy development that will definitely happen if she is elected.


--Wendy Carlisle, Teacher and Community Member

Prior to VNP, I also had the pleasure of knowing Angie as a fellow parent at Ann Arbor Open School, where she was heavily involved in the AAO Coordinating Council and a constant volunteer to make all of the field trips, fundraisers, and in-school events happen.  She has a deep commitment to the improvement of our education system, which is why I think she will be perfect for the Ann Arbor School Board.


-- Andrew Banka, Regional Director, Voters Not Politicians

Teenage Students Raising Hands

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