About Angie Smith

Angie has been an active AAPS parent for 16 years; she currently has a son in 7th grade and two daughters attending college. She is deeply committed to public service and has the knowledge and privilege to support many organizations that are vital to our community.  Some relevant experiences include:


Master's degree in Education

worked, subbed, and volunteered in grade levels K - college

 most recently as a science teacher at WCC, & an independent academic tutor to students with traumatic brain injury. 


Volunteer with Washtenaw Literacy as a tutor to adult learners at the county jail, the community outreach center, and with the LIFT Family Literacy program.   


Member of County Commission-appointed Washtenaw County Food Policy Council, holding the Education seat with the goal of increasing and preserving access to safe, local and healthy food for all residents of Washtenaw County.


Experience on governing boards including president of daughters' high school PTO, son's preschool, and non-profit community pool. Collaborative problem solving with administrators, teachers, and community in dealing with issues related to program establishment, hiring, community cohesiveness, racial tension, and student safety.