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Angie Smith's Goals

for the Ann Arbor Public
School Board of Education


It’s time to reimagine and create a more just education experience. Our community is characterized by both privilege and need. We need to prioritize reducing disparities and increasing support for traditionally underserved groups. Simply put, I am focused on what is in the best interest of ALL students. This is what motivates me to serve.

Empowered Students and Teachers

It's time to examine how we measure a success in education. When students are the focus, and not a test score, it not only inspires teachers, but creates lifelong learners.  As an AAPS parent and an educator, I have unique insights into the challenges that both teachers and families face.

Engaged Community

It's time for clear and consistent communication between administration, teachers, and families. I approach school governance with a spirit of inquiry, understanding both the authority and responsibility of the school board to engage families, empower students, and support teachers.



Thank you for your interest in supporting this campaign! Your contribution is especially valued, as COVID has not only impacted the economy, but how campaigning is done.  Campaign funds are used responsibly, and whenever feasible, the Campaign Committee for Angie Smith supports local and union-backed businesses, so your contribution is an investment in our community in more ways than one.

No donation is too small, you can donate through PayPal via the link, by check, or at an in-person event.  ​

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